The Baxters

Hi folks!  Here are some of the images from the recent road trip.  There are two galleries - the first has full resolution jpgs (I have the raw files).  The reds seem to be over saturated on my monitor but I can tweak that if needed.  

The second gallery has a quick 'Apple generated' video in it.

In the image gallery - it should be obvious - there are various options to download full size images individually or as a group.  They are pretty big though.  If you want a smaller image you can right click an open image and 'save as' after changing the view size (done after using another little icon at the foot of each image).

The link is the only way to get to this page at the moment.  Use the back button in your browser to return to the page.

There is also an option to buy images - just ignore this for now as its for my photography clients.  I use Loxley Imaging in Edinburgh.  The link - Loxley goes to their website where you can have a look at their wares.  I will be getting a few frames printed.

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