How to access your images

This page provides instructions about how to find your images, view them, download them order prints if that option has been made available.  When you have finished reading these instructions please use the back button on your browser to return to your image link.  

You will have been sent a link to your images which, when clicked, takes you to a page that has been produced just for you (and a link from that page has brought you here).  The page will have some explanatory text and one of more galleries that contain your images.

An example page - unique to client

Untitled photo

The example page shows three image galleries.  To enter a gallery on your own page you just have to click on it.  When you do you will see something like the screenshot of a gallery below.  The top panel image is just a chosen 'header image' and may not be on every gallery.  On the bottom left of this image (or at the top of the gallery if a header image isn't used) there will be one or more icons.  The 'play' arrow icon Strats a slide show of the gallery.  The 'down arrow, flat line'\ icon is used if you want to download the whole of the gallery onto your device.  If desired, a shipping trolley icon is displayed.  Clicking this icon takes you to our printing service (see more about this at the end of the page).

Example Gallery

Untitled photo

If you hover over a single image in the gallery you should see the image file number and a couple of icons.  The file number is important if you want to communicate with us about a specific image.  There is also a download icon - so you can download just this image to your device.  

The shopping trolley icon allows you to buy individual prints of the image.

If you click on the image a large version will appear on your screen - similar to the screenshot below.

Example Image

Untitled photo

There are arrows either side of the chosen image which allow you to browse backwards or forwards through there other images in the gallery.  On the top right of the image you can expand the image so that it is shown 'full screen' or you can close the image 'x' and return to the gallery.

On the bottom right of the image there is a range icons (sometimes fewer - sometimes more depending upon what functionality is turned on)

They should all be fairly self explanatory - try them.  You won't damage anything.  The comment (speech icon) is useful if you want to communicate with its about a specific image - for example for post production (cropping, colour correction etc).  

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